Do you cover Residential, Commercial and Industrial?

Yes! We provide emergency electrician services for residential, commercial and industrial sectors from installing a fan in a house to major commercial projects.


What areas of Brisbane do you service?

We service the whole of Brisbane and major works on the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast.


How do I know when there is an electrical fault in my house?

If you think you have an electrical fault in your home or office, it is probably a good idea to call us immediately. A broken socket, surging, flickering lights or an activated safety switch are your indication of potential danger. Don't overlook an electrical fault or inaccurately blame the issue on a particular device. Trust only an experienced and licensed electrician to accurately diagnose your electrical system and repair the fault.


Summer is coming and I want to get a new ceiling fan. Can you install it for me?

Yes. Because we have most common parts and components in our vehicles, if you have already purchased your new ceiling fan it can usually be installed immediately, saving you both time and money. We will install all types of ceiling fans, including budget fans, upscale models and light/fan combinations.


Do I need to purchase any fittings or equipment before you come? 

No! We will come to you in one of our Local Electrical vans which are stocked to have the solution for you on board.  Fans, lights, smoke alarms, stove elements, hot water elements, switches, switchboards, cabling and wiring are on board with us at all times!